The Virgin of the Peña de Añora premieres the passing batons during the procession in the next month of August
Thursday, 11 August 2011 11:43

In the Late Night of the next 23rd of August, like every year, the Santísima Virgen de la Peña con Doña is taken on a procession to the church while passing through the town accompanied by all of the Noriegos. Once in the church, the awaited fair of Añora will begin. The Virgin will remain in the church of Cordobesa until the upcoming day of September 8th.

This year the board of directors of the Brotherhood of the Peña with Doña Isabel Sánchez at the head as Major Sister, decided to create 6 new passing batons of the Virgin. This was work they entrusted the Sevillan Business of craftsmanship INDUSTRIAS ELITE metal Artisans with.

So this year will shine more than ever, with the premiere of the new batons showered in gold and silver with the Ave Maria in the superior part.



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