Our most sincere gratitude to the Brotherhoods, Sanctuaries, Religious Associations, general clients, friends, business collaborators etc., for the confidence deposited in INDUSTRIAS ELITE metal Artisans, thanks to all and every one of you we have lasted more than thirty years, improving day to day, compromising ourselves with the quality of our works, like that of our expansion and improvement of our instalations, and the increase of our productosexigencia as well, as it echoes this business in order to put at your availability this new artisan catalologue.

From the religious heralds created into metal and medals, to the craftsmanship, embroideries, Nazarene candles, passing through a wide variety of religious articles of rememberance.

All of that with the strength, consistency, rigor, seriousness, the artistic and artisan creativity and the brotherhood feel we have created this sacred, Sevillian land.


For all of you, this catalogue and this establishment.


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