New Medal for the Brotherhood of the Whites realized by Industrias Élite of Seville
Thursday, 11 August 2011 11:29

Finally, we have the mold in which the medals of our Brotherhood of which they will come out.

altIt is informed to the brothers that the burin of which the medals “the Whites” will have will come out. We remind that in the past Cabildo Extraordinaire celebrated in December, that our Brotherhood would have the Official Medal was approved, and one of the presented models was elected. Medal that obligatory for all of the brothers in all of the acts in which the Brotherhood is represented, such as in processions, functions, chapters, etc. In the segment of news that talks about that Cabildo you will find more information about this and other subjects that were attempted.

The burin that is shown in the photography and the demonstrational video that is found in the segment of “Documents-Videos of the Brotherhood” is of aluminum and from this original 800 medals will come out of them.

We have been able to prove the quality of the work of the provider, Industrias Élite, in its day it was insisted in the definition of the finished works. If you pay close attention, you will be able to prove right that the cross is the exact reproduction of our Christ, with the INRI, bursts and corners were reproduced with maximum detail, like ovals with the three thorns and the seven injuries representative of our Brotherhood. Below, closing the ovals, we find two flower lilies, flower that represents the pureness of the Virgin Mary “Like the lily between thorns, that’s how Mary is…”. In the posterior part, the last seven words that Jesus said on the Cross are engraved, “In your hands I commend my spirit” as well as the day of our foundation. Everything as it was asked to the provider.

In this first mold you cannot appreciate it, but the medal will be bathed in aged silver matt, with a strand of 3 strings, 2 white and 1 purple (in the video one sample that does not correspond is shown). Thirty medals were ordered in gold for the older brothers. It was agreed that the price of the medal to be 7 Euros, (price of the cost). If one of the brothers applied for another medal, the price would be 10 Euros in this first order to the provider.


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