Restoring the Simpecado of the Brotherhood del Rocío de Trigueros por INDUSTRIAS ELITE de Sevilla
Thursday, 11 August 2011 11:37

The Simpecado of the Brotherhood del Rocío de Trigueros made the path to the village Almonteña, now completely restored.

The Brotherhood of Our Señora del Rocío de Trigueros has seen concluded the work of the restoration of its Simpecado, which has suffered considerable deteriorations.

Its return to the Chapel has been received with great happiness from the rocieros of Trigueros that will be able to return to worship contemplating the work done by the Sevillan business, in which numerous details are appreciated, that had been overlooked before its restoration.

The imperfections that stand out the most were the silver tulle that was totally dismantled, the loss of the gold surface of the floral reliefs, the discoloration of the green velvet of the Virgin oval, and the loss of the various bells.

Also, the own image of the Virgin suffered imperfections: various fingers of ivory were cracked, the golden scepter had been separated from the rest of the assembly, flowers that adorn the bursts were incomplete, loss of stars in the crown and other imperfections in the son.

After a meticulous and professional work of INDUSTRIAS ELITE the simpecado was found in its chapel before the worshipers and the devoted believers of María Stma del Rocío.



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