Industrias Elite creates the relief for the Borriquita de la Puebla de Cazalla
Thursday, 11 August 2011 11:00

After many months of development, the creation of sketches and designs, the relief project for the Brotherhood was accepted by the Brotherhood of the Sacred Entry in Jerusalem, of the Seville location of the Puebla de Cazalla.

Now it is a reality and the relief demonstrates with all of its splendor in the Parish of Santa Maria of the Virtues.

The relief consists of three main bodies that occupy the three principal parts, in the main center lies Jesus with the borriquita, and symmetrically to the right and left, Our Father Jesus and Our Virgin of the Peace.

It is more than 4 meters long, 1.80 meters deep, and somewhat more than 7 meters height.

The grand novelty is the old marbleized surface that in contrast with the gold of the reliefs makes it have a very agreeable vision, and it also agrees with the philosophy that represents the very own Brotherhood in its vocation.

INDUSTRIAS ELITE, received in its inauguration the congratulations of D. Francisco Moreno Olía, major Brother of the Brotherhood like D. Jose Cabello, that like Secretary is also an artefact of the grand part of the design of the relief.

A new job that INDUSTRIAS ELITE has done with success is the business project of the creation of reliefs with alternate materials.


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